Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Athletes setting the example

Recently the NBA has created a rule that makes all basketball players dress in normal business suits when off the court. This is supposed to make the image of the NBA much more respectable. I think it will be a much needed change from the crap that NBA players currently wear.
Now what about our college football players? Marshall University is known mainly for one thing: football. Sorry to disappoint everyone but people don’t really give a shit about Marshall outside of that. To prove my point I was at a conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was a representative for the University. When I told people where I went to school no one knew anything about it. If I said Randy Moss, Chad Pennington, or Bryon Leftwich people would immediately know what I was talking about.
Our athletes are our examples to the world. They are the ones in the spotlight. These are the people that the world knows and looks to when they think of Marshall. So let’s see just how good of a job they are doing:
We have a quarterback that assaulted a woman in a bar with a broken beer bottle that got a slap on the wrist. (Great message there, if you are a football player you get out of jail free with a slap on the wrist) We have a football team that can barely make it onto the Honor Roll. (If they do it is because someone fudged their grades, don’t believe me ask our last compliance guy who was “fired” for bringing this up) We have athletes that can barely show up for class and when they do completely destroy the atmosphere for those students who are actually there to learn. (Apparently who won the USC game is more important than passing the test)
I challenge the Athletic Department and especially Coach Snyder to have his players actually earn a 2.0 without having to doctor the grades. To have his players show up for a class, shut the hell up, take some notes, and possibly participate in the class.
I would like to extend my congradulations to our football team for their game last saturday. 31-3!!!! Way to go guys. Might as well change marshalls slogan to: Marshall, We Play For Championships (Except against UTEP).

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Well I have finally broken down and created a blog. Mainly because there are some things that are really pissing me off on campus. So you get a special "What Grinds My Gears - Marshall University Edition". I hope everyone enjoys and I pray people from Marshall University read this.
Recently our wonderful SGA President has declared that it is un-Marshall like to wear opposing school colors. Apparently it utterly disgusts him that someone would even dare to wear anything other than green and white. He wrote into the Parthenon wanting to know why Marshall Students would want to wear other schools colors. Well asshole here is my response:
1. Friends and Family
I currently sport 3 other school colors then Marshall. First are Red and White for Valparaiso where my mom received her degree. Second is Blue and White for University of Kentucky because my dad got his degree there. Third is the evil blue and gold for West Virginia University because several of my friends go there. On the family side I think it is cool to wear my parent’s alma mater colors. It connects me to them and makes me feel good. When I am away from home and I wear my UK or Valpo hoodies I feel safer because it’s like a part of my parents are with me.
As for my friends it’s the same way with the blue and gold. After spending 13 years in school with some people you tend to get close to them. When you go to college it’s hard adjusting to being away from them. When I sport a WVU shirt I think of them or when someone asks about the shirt I can tell them all about my good times with my friends.
2. Degrees
Sorry to burst your bubble but Marshall isn’t the only University in the world and it is not the best or even close. I will graduate in May and intend on going to WVU for my masters in Parks and Recreation. If you have a problem with me wearing colors of a school I intend to go to next year you can kiss my ass.
3. To smite assholes like you
This is pretty self explanatory. The more you get pissed that I wear another schools colors the more I want to wear it. If I know its going to piss someone off then I will definitely go out of my way to screw with them. When you quit writing stupid articles to the Parthenon about stupid shit like this I would quit wearing WVU colors.
As for my school spirit and my allegiance I will always bleed green. You can ask all my friends that whenever it comes to WVU vs. Marshall I will always go with Marshall. Even if it means hours upon hours of harassment I will endure and show my pride. Now when it comes to WVU vs. Pitt or Va. Tech then you can sure bet I will be in my blue and gold, drinking and burning couches.
Student athletes are really pissing me off now a days. Just because they can play football or basketball they basically get a free ride and a free degree. In the mean time I am actually going to go to college to get a degree so I can be successful in life. I have to take loans out to pay for school, I have to sell some of my possessions to buy my textbooks, and I barely get a filling meal during the school year. On the other hand if I could play football I would not be in this situation. I would be given free tuition, free textbooks, free food and housing. Registration is really what burns me. I have to login to Milo at midnight when registration opens and fight the really crappy internet registration system or stand in line for hours in Old Main to get my classes. On the other hand damn jocks get to register weeks before I do. To make things better is they don’t even have to worry about making their schedules. All they have to do is pick a major at random and they get a schedule made for them. It’s not like they even try for a degree they are there to play ball and that’s it. To quote West Virginia University receiver Chris Henry, when asked what he studied he responded “I don’t know”.
To make things even better is how these athletes are in class. I am a Parks and Recreation major. Most of my classes are also required by Sports majors. This means they are made up of 90% athletes. Every day in class I imagine that I have been teleported back to the first grade. All the athletes do is act like they are gods and don’t give a shit about anything. If I acted like them I would have been kicked out of class on the first day. Here is an example of one class this week:
We got our midterms back. I scored low on the test so I tried to pay attention while the professor went over each question. All the athletes could talk about was which football team had a better game that weekend. They would get up and leave and not come back for an hour. Some came to class over an hour late. We had some athletes who got into fights in the class. We had some that wrote dirty things about other players. It’s sad when athletes can’t even spell “herpes”.
I guess since I don’t bring in millions of dollars for the university during the football season I am worthless. Just a little pawn that makes the attendance at games look good. Well I for one am tired of getting treated like worthless shit. At least I know when I graduate I can look back and know I earned my degree.